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The Pursuit of Purpose

God messed me up!!! I was ignorantly content with my master plan for life. Step 1: Get my bachelors in business. Step 2: Get a good paying job in the city where I can wear power suits. Step 3: Get married. Step 4: Have a kid or two. Step 5: Retire at 55 ( didn't want to be too old ) with a well funded 401k and solid stocks. Final Step: Travel to places I haven't seen yet while sending my grandchildren post cards. But then in the process of step one,  I went and got saved. Everything went haywire! I came across Ephesians 2:10  and life transformed as I knew it.  My plan for life spoke nothing of purpose or meaning.  "My plans" were simply a testament to other peoples vision for my life and an unsourced image of what "life" should look like. God completely squeezed out.
When I finally wanted to make God's plans my plans, I went from having no purpose to begging God to reveal my purpose. I was expecting a vision, a dream, an announcement from an angel or even better for Jesus Himself to show me THE BIG ANSWER!

It didn't quite happen that way. But, here's what did happen:

God  pressed the "reset" button in my mind.  I began to understand  that purpose is progressive and multi-faceted; that you never "arrive" to this one thing. Jesus said to do work until He returns . Where did we get this inaccurate and frankly aggravating idea that you have to "meet purpose" at a particular place and time?  My purpose is to be a wife. My purpose is to be a mother. My purpose is to be a friend and sister. My purpose is to be a minister. Each purpose progressed through my life and each purpose is still progressing. When we look at Jesus, Joseph, Rahab, Mary etc. their lives were a series of purposeful events and different purposed filled stages;  that led to purpose being fulfilled even to this day as people are being saved and developed through a snapshot from their lives.  My job is to confer with God about what needs to be done and learnt in this stage, to move to the next. Believing that as I inquire, He will answer.

I realized my "purposes" are  linked to the  abilities and gifts God has given me!   We have abilities, gifts, and interests that uniquely make up our design for the work we have to do in this life. God knew what he was doing when He individually created us !  What began to happen was that "life"  tainted and covered these things; making it difficult for me to identify and understand how God intended for me to use them. I had to get back to basics and ask myself simple but powerful questions. What am I good at? What are the things I do that make me happy? What comes easy to me?

I asked God "How do you want me to use these gifts?" This is when I started to get impressions or what I like to call  "inward visions". Were the visions of my entire life mapped out? No.  Most often,  it would be as simple as seeing myself take on the new project just announced at work. Now I can look back and see He  purposed that project to develop something in me then, for this stage of purpose today. Now, are there visions of the rest of my life mapped out? No, but the picture has gotten bigger. And just as before, when I trusted Him in doing the little steps, He faithfully shows the bigger next steps and bigger picture.

My prayer for you is to be bold, filled with faith and love as God shows you your next steps ... Amen!

Love you to life ....Lashan
P.S. How has your purpose journey been? Any advice you can share? Or questions you have? Lets talk about it!


  1. So after sitting in great confusion at work asking God is this, my purpose? Is this what you had in store for me when you created me? If so why am I being hated and disliked? Why is there no sense of security in my job? What was the purpose of hiring me if you felt I was over qualified????? After talking to God and worshiping, he assured me that working in the world (the circular world) is all preparation for my purpose driven life. What I need to do is let go of; how it is supposed to be and let God work. I have always been a planner through this journey I am learning Gods plans for me are far more better than alllllllll the plans I may have for my s elf.

    1. Yes Bianca!!! Sometimes I think God laughs at our plans saying " you think so small ..."

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