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Valentine's Day: The Litmus Test

My heart would skip a beat when Valentine’s Day was around the corner. I was gitty with anticipation of my gifts yet slightly terrified at the fact that my boyfriend at the time may “pop the question” (why terrified?...that is another blog). Valentine’s Day was a litmus test of the state of my current “situation”. If I got expensive gifts, good relationship. Cheap gifts, cheap relationship. Single, then there was definitely a problem!  There was such a subtle, misguided notion I attached to a day. If any of these thoughts resonate with you let me encourage you the way the Lord encouraged me:

Valentine’s Day is not a litmus test of your love life! Whether you have a date, are in an exclusive relationship, single,  or even dumped; it doesn’t change the plans the Lord has for you. The Lord desires you to be in a healthy, happy marriage. Not only to make your joy full, but to ultimately glorify Him!

Enjoy your single season! I know this is something you have probably heard before but, let’s be honest. What other choice do you have? Are you going to allow yourself to get filled with self-pity and waste a day that the Lord has made? Get together with your friends, love on each other and have fun!

Let the Lord speak to you about this unique season! The Lord will constantly teach us and guide us until Jesus comes back (isn’t that great news!). Often times He teaches us and guides us specific to the season we are in. So, is it hard to believe that He wants to talk to you about being content now, while simultaneously preparing and positioning you for marriage (blog to come)?  Seek Him. Trust Him. Go with His flow!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  


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